Good Friday Worship

This is the Good Friday service I put together for this year. We will again be using a script put together by a church member that simply pulls out the dialog of the passion story. I find this to be a powerful reading, though it could be confusing for people unfamiliar with the story.

You can find an alternate opening prayer here, and the order of worship from a couple of years ago (which includes foot washing) is here. As always, you are welcome to use material from this blog in your own worship settings. Blessings to you as we enter into Holy Week.

*A couple of notes: There should be seven candles plus the Christ candle lit at the beginning of the service. During the tenebrae section, one candle is extinguished following each reading, with the Christ candle being the last. Also, all hymns are from Taize.

– – – – – –

Welcome and Introduction

 Call to Worship

On this dark night, as the shadows deepen,
We come to be present with Jesus.
With the glory of Palm Sunday behind us and the victory of Easter not yet come,
We will sit together in this space with our breaking, our broken hearts.
In this world that is at once beautiful and holy and tragic,
We seek to be present with all who suffer.
In the dark valleys of life, when sorrow threatens to overwhelm,
We long for a safe and sacred space to sit with our grief and our questions.
Jesus Christ, holy friend,
we know that you are here with us.
Let us be here with you. Amen.


Hymn: Stay with me

Prayer of Confession (from Psalm 51)

Have mercy on us, O God, according to your steadfast love.
According to your abundant mercy, blot out our transgressions.
Create in us clean hearts, O God,
And put new and right spirits within us.


Assurance of Pardon
(God will not cast us from the Divine presence. God will not take the Holy Spirit from us. Through Christ, God forgives us and restores us. May the peace of Christ be with you.)


Hymn: Kyrie


Holy, loving, suffering God,
Give us eyes to see
the injustice and suffering that abound.
Give us hearts to feel
the depth of this world’s brokenness.
Give us ears now to hear
the words of your passion.


Tenebrae Service

Hymn: Kyrie
Jesus, Chief Priests, Judas
Hymn: Kyrie

TABLE: Peter, Jesus
Hymn: Kyrie
Jesus, Peter
Hymn: Stay with me
Judas, Jesus, Chief Priests
Hymn: Kyrie
Servant Girl, Peter, Two Others
Hymn: Kyrie
Pilate, Jesus, Crowd
Hymn: Kyrie
Soldiers, Jesus
Hymn: Jesus, Remember me
Crowd, Priests, Criminals, Jesus, Soldiers
Hymn: Kyrie

~Please leave the worship space in silence.~

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