Thankfulness Haiku

Back in the spring I had a great idea.  As a form of prayer, I would write one haiku each day about something I was thankful for.  You know haikus, right?  Three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable count.

(I should admit right now that I love the challenge of technical poetic forms.  I’m not saying I’m good at them, mind you.  But I love the challenge.)

I know I had this brilliant idea, because I came across a notebook a couple of days ago.  On the front of this bright yellow spiral notebook I had written “Thankfulness Poems.”  And on the very first page, in big hopeful letters, I had written, “Thankfulness Haikus.” (Note the optimistic “s.”)

On this page there are precisely two hiakus.  The next page is full of notes on the Grapes of Wrath.

But I still maintain that this is a great idea.  I have no more illusions that I will write one every day, but hopefully I will translate my thankfulness into three metered lines of poetry every now and then.

And here is “Thankfulness Haiku #1”:

Purring in my ear

Whiskers brush my cheek, my hand

Gentlest alarm


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