About me:

I’m a wife, a mother, a Mennonite pastor, living in the awesome town of Lawrence, Kansas. I enjoy pastoring, preaching, reading, creating art, crafting worship, praying, napping, facilitating retreats, thinking random thoughts, and writing about everything.

I seek a spacious faith that surrounds all that I do and all that I am–with plenty of room to explore and grow. This blog is a bit of a spiritual discipline for me. I pray it is a welcome companion for you along your spiritual journey.

Peace of Christ to you,


About this blog:

You should know that I’m far too lazy to keep up more than one blog. Which means everything is thrown together here.

I write a lot of worship material and post most of it. If you are looking for worship material, you can use the “Categories” to see pieces by type: call to worship, offertory prayer, etc. The “Index” page allows you to look up pieces related to specific texts or topics. You are welcome to use the worship material on this blog in your own worship setting. I appreciate hearing from those who use the material. And I ask that you share the lucrative profits you make if you sell any of my materials as your own. 🙂

I also love to explore creative prayer practices. I produce and provide online support for creative arts retreat materials. You can find out about the retreats and find links to supplemental material on the retreat pages. Sometimes I post creative prayer practices on the blog as well.

In addition to worship pieces and prayer practices, I also write about art projects, recipes, biblical insights, theological thoughts, parenting problems, and other randomness. You just never know what you might find.

Oh, and lots of my sermons are posted under the “Sermons” tab. Though that drop-down menu is a bit unwieldy. If you are looking for a sermon on a particular topic or scripture, your best bet is to look at the index page.

Finally, you should know that this is my blog. If you do not play nice, I will block your comments and pray for your immortal soul. What I write represents my views and reflects my mood on a particular day. My views are not necessarily the views of Peace Mennonite Church, Western District Conference, or Mennonite Church USA. Really. Trust me on this.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Last April I sent an email to Randall Spauding a letter of the injustice served by the leadership of MennoniteUSA regarding his expulsion from a committee he served very diligently and compassionately. I understand he has gone on to Princeton. Does anyone have his email address or contact info. I feel he deserves our continued support and respect as a Christian brother. We need to continue to reach out to people of all backgrounds and heritage, lest we dry up like a bruised branch and whither with no fruit., Dr Roy

  2. As a retired UM clergywoman, I have been invited to lead sunrise communion for a group of very traditional people. I was so delighted to find your liturgy and have used it almost without changing. (I did give you credit!) Thank you for providing help in such a concrete way. May this Holy Week give you opportunities to see God at work in your life amidst the challenges. Thank you again.

    • Betty,
      I’m delighted to hear that you will use the communion liturgy on Sunday. Blessings to you this week as we journey through the cross.

  3. Joanna, You are just too much. Loving so much getting to know you on my visits to Lawrence to see my grandsons, Benny and Pete and of course my awesome daughter, Jenny and loving son-in-law, Tom. You are a funny, filled with joy, spiritual being. I’m so glad that my daughter and her family have you in their lives. Peace and love from my little village beneath the Peak.

  4. Love the disclosure…”My views are not necessarily the views of Peace Mennonite Church, Western District Conference, or Mennonite Church USA. Really. Trust me on this.”

    Haven’t done much writing about my faith at this point on my blog. Think that’s going to change because I’m feeling it’s a bit superficial.

    Glad I happened upon your blog!

  5. I am delighted to find this site and your blog. We met when I was UM Pastor at Vinland UMC and I since the accepted an appointment way north in Axtell. I look forward to your blogs and appreciate your writing. Best wishes, Shirley

  6. Hello, Joanna. I love what you create here. Thank you. I am a former Catholic theology teacher now embracing my faith as a Mennonite in Seattle. I have just begun a mission church with a Lutheran pastor, in hopes of giving sacred, hospitable space to those who are alienated from institutional church. This post introduces us.


    Blessings on your excellent work here.

  7. Hi Joanna, I stumbled across your blog this year as I was fishing on the internet for new and interesting worship materials. I’m a pastor, you see, and besides coming up my own prayers and litanies, I like to see the inspiration of others. So I am looking and am borrowing from time to time. Thank you for posting your work for all to see. Very generous of you! You may have inspired me to do the same in the future . . .
    Blessings, Doug Amstutz, pastor, Rainham Mennonite Church

    • Thanks for the note, Doug. Always good to hear from other Mennonite pastors. If you do end up posting some of the material you write, be sure to link me up! I also go fishing for worship materials. Peace.

  8. Joanna,

    I am a new minister trying to grasp writing liturgy, prayers and sermons in a faithful, cohesive and impactful way and have found such inspiration from your liturgy. Thank you for sharing your faith in writing.

    Grace and peace,

    • Kate, thank you so much for the kind note. I am so glad that my writing can be a small part of your support system as you begin your ministry. Deep peace and joy to you.

  9. Joanne,
    I was looking for an appropriate Call to Worship to go with my liturgy for Pentecost and came across your info. Imagine my delight when I saw your picture and realized whose works I was viewing.

    Peace & Blessings,
    (CBTS graduate)

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