Wednesday Worship Piece: Good Friday Service

*This order of worship is from 2011. You can see the 2013 service, which does not include foot washing, here.

– – – – –

Welcome and Introduction

Confession and Assurance

Hymn: What wondrous love is this  (v. 1)

Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon (From Psalm 51)

Hymn: What wondrous love is this (v. 1)

Call to Worship

We are Jesus’ disciples, following him even as he moves toward the cross.
Even as he wraps a towel around his waist. Even as he kneels to wash the filth from the feet of his friends.
We are Jesus’ disciples, longing to be faithful even as the night grows dark.
Even as betrayers loom. Even as the powers that oppose the way of Christ press in around us.
We are Jesus’ disciples, struggling to love others even as Jesus loved us.
We are Jesus’ disciples, gathered here to worship God: Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. Amen.

Service of Footwashing

Scripture Reading: John 13:2b-17

Prayer of Preparation (#782 in Mennonite Hymnal; can also be found here.)

Washing each other’s feet (Hymn: Ubi caritas et amor)


Lord Jesus,
We have washed each other’s feet, but we are not clean.
We struggle to follow you, but it is hard.
Send your Holy Spirit to walk with us
as we walk with you down the dark road that leads to the cross.  Amen.

Tenebrae Service

Hymn: Kyrie

THE DEAL: Jesus, Chief Priests, Judas

Hymn: Kyrie


Hymn: Kyrie

THE GARDEN: Jesus, Peter

Hymn: Stay with me

THE ARREST: Judas, Jesus, Chief Priests

Hymn: Kyrie

THE DENIAL: Servant Girl, Peter, Two Others

Hymn: Kyrie

BEFORE PILATE: Pilate, Jesus, Crowd

Hymn: Kyrie

THE WALK: Soldiers, Jesus

Hymn: Jesus, Remember me

THE CROSS: Crowd, Priests, Criminals, Jesus, Soldiers

Hymn: Kyrie

~Please leave the worship space in silence.~

Note: You can find the script for the Tenebrae portion of the service here. This script was developed by Roger Martin and is basically the dialog from the Gospel accounts of  Jesus’ life from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion.

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