Old Married Folks

I am grateful tonight for a lovely time spent with my relatives David and Dawn. (David is my grandpa’s first cousin. So that makes him my . . . )

I last saw them about thirteen years ago when my husband and I visited New York City and stayed with them in New Jersey. I wouldn’t say that they are old now (the title is just to get your attention) . . . but they are older than they were then. As David put it, “We’re at that age where, when you bend down to pick something up, you look around to see if there is anything else you need to do before you stand up again.”

But what I noticed most about them wasn’t that their hair was grayer or their movements were slower. What struck me was that they were joyful people. Happy to be living life together.

Dawn has abundant enthusiasm. She wanted a tour of the house. She wanted to see the back yard. She wanted to look at the family pictures and the bird and the artwork. “David, come in here.” “David, look at this.” “David, aren’t they precious?” And David came. And David looked. And David said, “Yes, dear.”

David has a quirky, some might say goofy, sense of humor. He made funny noises. He told corny jokes. He impersonated Laurel and Hardy. And Dawn watched him. And Dawn smiled. And Dawn laughed.

At one point during dinner I noticed that David had his arm around Dawn, just like a high school guy at a movie with his pretty date. But more comfortable, more settled, more loving.

As we were saying goodbye after dinner, David told me what a blessed life we both lead. He said, “In my life, I’ve been going down a path and God puts up a roadblock that leads me to change directions.” And then he pointed at Dawn, who was smiling and hugging someone else goodbye.

I don’t know if he actually said it, or if I just sensed it. Whatever roadblock it was that led to David to Dawn, he considers it the best thing that ever happened to him.

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