You Might be a (Female) Pastor’s Spouse If . . .

IMG_3102Father’s Day is coming up, and I’ve been thinking about the particular person who is the father of my particular children. I realize that many of you are not married to people who are dads—some of you are single, some of you do not have children, some of you are married to other moms. Still, I imagine we can all agree that it takes a special kind of person to commit to a Rev. Gal in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, in Advent and in Lent.

So, here is a Father’s Day tribute to my husband, Ryan, and to all those who support us in our ministries:

You might be the spouse of a female pastor if:

  • You don’t worry about the door-to-door evangelists because you know that saying, “My wife is a pastor” will disorient them enough to let you politely close the door and get on with your life.

You can see the full list over at the Rev. Gal page!


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