Worship Pieces: Advent Emergency Edition

IMG_2277Yes, it’s true. This coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Ready or not . . .

Some of the Rev. Gals are helping each other out by sharing Advent resources today, and I thought I would join the party.

Yesterday I posted this piece over at Practicing Families about Advent practices at home.

Last year (2012) Peace Mennonite focused on the themes of the Advent Conspiracy, for which I wrote weekly candle-lighting liturgies:Advent 1
Advent 2
Advent 3
Advent 4

Here is the offertory prayer we have used for Advent the past few years–changing the second word of the prayer to reflect the “candle word” for the week: hope, peace, joy, love.

God of Peace, in this season of Advent, this time of waiting, we offer to you our money, our time, our energy. Accept what we offer. And use these offerings to shine the light of your peace in the dark places of our world. Amen.

And for those truly planning ahead, Christmas Eve services:2012

And a simple liturgy for family worship on Christmas morning.

Finally, here are a few Advent reflections:on Mary
on Zechariah
on Ashes and Advent
on living these days “Advently”
on Kairos at Christmas


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