Wednesday Worship Piece: Candle-Lighting Call to Worship




I am preparing for this upcoming Sunday’s worship service–the second Sunday of Advent. The Advent Conspiracy theme for this week is “Spend Less.” And I should give credit to parishoner and friend Thomas Heilke for the phrase “right relationship with the economy”–which he manages to use about once a month in his insightful responses to the sermon.



Here is our candle-lighting call to worship for this week:

One: As we live within this season of Advent, we long for peace–peace within us, peace among us.
All: O Lord, hear our prayers for peace.
One: A peace that comes not from a right relationship with the economy,
All: but a peace that comes from a right relationship with God and with each other.
One: Let us light the candle of peace.

Hymn: Hope is a Candle, verse 2
Scripture: Micah 5:2-5a

One: Let us pray. Holy One, may these flames shine the light of truth on the false promises of peace that the world offers.
All: May our time of worship draw us into the true peace of your eternal presence. Amen.

*You can find last week’s liturgy and links to some wonderful Advent writings by others here.

*Last Sunday’s sermon about the magi and worshiping fully is here.

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