Wednesday Worship Pieces: Advent Candle Lighting Edition

I LOVE ADVENT. The candles. The carols. The chocolate. . . . And of course the eager anticipation of the coming Christ child!

This year our worship committee has decided to do Advent Conspiracy. (Actually, we’ve decided to take the basic themes of Advent Conspiracy and do our own thing because the Advent Conspiracy stuff is way too hip for a bunch of Mennonites–even Lawrence Mennonites.) The AC theme for the first Sunday of Advent is “Worship Fully.”

Here is a candle-lighting call to worship I wrote, along with links to some Advent resources by others. (For more Advent liturgies, check out the links on the Index page.)

One: We begin this holy season of Advent in anticipation of what God will do in our lives and in our world.
All: As we gather together, we wait in hope for the Lord.
One: So let us worship fully.
All: Let us sing joyfully!
One: Let us light the candle of hope.
Hymn: Hope is a Candle, verse 1
Scripture Reader: Psalm 33: 1-9, 20-22
One: Let us pray:Holy One, as a flame, however small, can overwhelm the deepest darkness, so the hope we have in you can light our way out of despair and into your fullness of life.
All: May our acts of worship this morning increase the light, diminish the darkness–for ourselves and for our world. Amen


Orders of worship from Cathedral of Hope that include candle lighting liturgies:
Advent 1
Advent 2
Advent 3
Advent 4

And Advent Prayer for All Who Live with Violence by Carol Penner

Advent candle lighting liturgies from LiturgyLink. (While you are there, click on the “Advent” link for more good stuff.)

That’s all for now. Blessings on your preparations for the season of preparation!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Worship Pieces: Advent Candle Lighting Edition

  1. My congregation is also doing Advent Conspiracy ( I love the candle lighting liturgy that you developed. There will be a United Methodist congregation in Birmingham praying with you on Sunday!

    • Brandon, thanks for the note! I will be posting a similar liturgy each Wednesday. I had dreams of actually writing all four candle lighting liturgies this week . . . but I have a sermon to write too . . . blessings to you and your congregation.

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