Ash Wednesday Family Worship

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I figured that would be a little late to post this particular “Worship Piece.” For the first time this year our church will have two services on Ash Wednesday.  We will have the contemplative service at 7:30 (posted here), and a child-friendly service at 6:30.  I wanted to post the outline for the family service because I thought the basic idea might be helpful for some people.  (I should warn you that I am an idea person–which is to say I have a lot of ideas, many of which don’t actually work very well; this service has not yet been “kid-tested.”)

The worship space will be set up with four stations.  Each station will have Bible readings printed out, and a plastic Easter egg for each child.  (I know it’s not Easter yet, but kids LOVE opening those little eggs.)  If you would like more information than what is given below, you are welcome to e-mail me at peacemennopastor at gmail dot com.  I’d be happy to send you the full description.

Child-Friendly Ash Wednesday Service
March 9, 2011

Station 1: Lent
–Scripture: Matthew 3:16-4:2
–Egg: Piece of gray or black cloth
–Activity: Discuss what Lent is; have children help with setting up the altar/table for Lent

Station 2: Sin and Forgiveness
–Scripture: Isaiah 58: 1-11 (selected)
–Egg: Black pipe cleaner
–Activity: Discuss sin and forgiveness; prayer of confession and assurance of pardon using pipe cleaners

Station 3: Death and New Life
–Scripture: Genesis 3:19
–Egg: Dirt
–Activity: Discuss death and new life; imposition of ashes; planting seeds

Station 4: Lenten Practices
–Scripture: Matthew 6:2-6, 16-21 (selected)
–Egg: two paper gold coins
–Activity: Discuss Lenten practices; family commitments for Lent; offering of paper coins


– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Follow-Up Note: This service worked well with the families in our church.  Moving around to different stations kept the children engaged. I think for the parents in the congregation, it did not matter much what we did–they just appreciated the fact that there was space for them to participate with their children.

5 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Family Worship

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  4. Hi Joanna, I was directed here by Rebecca Seiling when I asked about a more intergenerational service for Ash Wednesday. I would love to see the full description of what you did with the kids. I’m actually interested in adapting your contemplative service to make it kid friendly, kind of a combo of the two services!

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