Good Friday Prayer

Almighty, suffering God,
whose love for us extends from the heights of heaven
to the depths of Mary’s womb
and even into the darkness of the grave,
Receive now these prayers we offer at the foot of your cross:
For those, like Jesus, who must flee their homelands for fear of violence.
For those, like Jesus, with no place to lay their heads.
For those, like Jesus, who are misunderstood and excluded.
For those, like Jesus, who are unjustly condemned.

Holy One, give us ears to hear
not just the cries of those in pain
but also the whispers of Your Spirit calling us to compassion.
Give us eyes to see
not just the suffering that surrounds us
but also the vision of a just society where suffering is no more.
Give us hearts to feel
not just the emptiness of this Good Friday
but also the warmth of hope that tugs us toward Sunday.

Compassionate and confounding God,
As we stand in the shadow of the cross,
let this darkness guard our hearts with love;
let this chilled air fill us with holy breath;
let us rest in the peaceful uncertainty that things are not as they seem.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday Prayer

  1. Thank you! This is an amazing prayer. We are planning to begin our Easter worship as if it is still Saturday and we don’t know what happened. (a short skit) This prayer will lead up to a huge BUT…very early on the first day….

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