Good Friday Call to Worship

Here is a call to worship for Good Friday that I adapted from a piece I wrote several years ago:

In this holy week, on this holy night,
We come to be present with Jesus in his suffering.
With the glory of Palm Sunday behind us and the victory of Easter not yet come,
We gather with our breaking, our broken hearts.
In this world that is at once beautiful and holy and tragic,
We seek to be present with all who suffer.
When sorrow threatens to overwhelm,
We long for a brave and sacred space–
A space where we can listen and sing and pray,
A space to sit with our grief and our questions.
Let us be that space for each other tonight
As we remember the story together.

I will get a creative prayer practices video posted for Holy Week, I’m just running late.

I am also posting short Bible reflections for Holy Week. Those will show up on my YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. Here’s the one for Holy Monday:

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