Spacious Lent: Week 5–Finger Labyrinth

I love walking labyrinths and am fortunate to have one to walk in our worship space at Peace Mennonite Church. (For those in the Lawrence, KS, area, we have it open on the first Friday of each month from 9-Noon.)

Sometimes, though, you do not have a labyrinth available to walk, and I find a finger labyrinth is also a helpful practice for prayer and centering. So this week’ our creative prayer practice is drawing a labyrinth. To be honest, I’m not sure what I enjoy more–drawing them or using them.

The video shows how to draw a 7-cirucut labyrinth. If you would like to draw a 3-circut labyrinth, use the same basic method, but with fewer starting points–as shown below.

Happy labyrinth creating and using, my friends. May your labyrinth be a reminder that no matter how winding and awkward and incoherent your path may seem, it leads, always, to the Holy Center.

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