Spacious Lent: Ash Wednesday Prayer Practice

The first Spacious Lent creative arts prayer practice is now available! For Ash Wednesday, you are invited to create a heart offering–to bring all of yourself to God as we begin this holy season.

For this practice, I give a couple of options, the simplest of which requires only pen and paper, with optional colored pencils. If you’d like to get out a few more supplies, you can also use patterned paper and glue (and whatever else you’d like) to create a collage.

Whether through this practice or another, I hope you find a meaningful way to enter into the sacred space of Lent this year.

This Friday (February 27) I’ll be sending the March spiritual journal pages to all of my Spacious Friends and Spacious Faithful patrons. You can sign up here!

Below is the heart collage I made as I created the video:

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