Worship Words: Star Words for Epiphany

This Sunday (1/8/23) we will receive star words as part of our worship at Peace Mennonite. This has become a tradition for us–to claim a word as a gift from God and a guide in the new year. In the past, I have simply handed out the star words randomly to people. Since we are worshiping around tables this Sunday (something we do every once in a while), I want to try something different: each table will have a group of random words, and together people around the table will decide who gets which word. (We Mennonites are suckers for communal discernment!)

If you are using star words in worship this week, you may find some of the following pieces helpful.

If you would like a star word for yourself, please comment below. I will reply to comments with star words on Epiphany (1/6/23).

After people receive their words, you might ask:

  • How do you feel about your word?
  • How does the word connect to your life?
  • What is one way you could live into your word in the coming week?
  • What scripture, phrase, or song can you carry with you to help you focus on your word?

Finally, here is a blessing for those who receive star words:

As stars have guided wise ones for centuries,
May your word guide you in the year ahead.
By the radiance of your star and the power of the Holy Spirit,
May you live with deeper intention and greater attention;
May you find the holy in delightfully unexpected places;
May you worship with joy,
Give with gratitude,
And follow the new way home that God will provide.

A blessed Epiphany to you all!

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You can find an Epiphany call to worship and benediction (from Isaiah 60) here.
And here’s a sermon I preached on Matthew 2:1-12, focusing on the star.

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