Looking Toward the New Year

Happy *almost* new year, everyone!

I was able to attend a great end-of-year reflection workshop last night from Eileen Campbell-Reed at 3-Minute Ministry Mentor. One of the exercises we did was to list “10 Things I Did that Mattered in 2022.” It turns out I did some stuff. Like adopting a rule of life and helping Mennonite Church USA pass the Resolution for Repentance and Transformation and publishing an Advent devotional. We tend to spend a lot of time at the end of the year thinking about what we want to change and do differently in the new year. I encourage you to spend some time giving thanks for what you have given and received in 2022, even as you acknowledge the grief you carry and the changes you would like to make.

One change I have decided to make is to give more energy to my writing in general and to this blog in particular. (This is really not any sort of new year’s resolution, I just happened to make this decision at the end of December.) As part of this commitment, I have launched a Patreon page, which some of you have already seen (and a few of you have already joined).

Just today I switched up the rewards a bit and I’m really excited to offer monthly spiritual journal pages. If you support my writing with $5/month or more, you will receive a PDF each month with printable journal pages. These will include an original blessing, a brief Bible study, and questions to help you reflect on the past month. If you want, you can print them out (they are black and white printer friendly) and put them in a three-ring binder to create a journal for the year. Maybe this is a spiritual practice that resonates with you as we enter 2023.

I have lots of ideas of material I can add to this monthly offering, but I’m trying not to over-commit in the beginning. I’ve set some milestones and will add content as the number of supporters grows. I hope to be able to offer: reflective essays for the monthly Bible study; a monthly video that walks you through a spiritual practice; and a Facebook group for those using the journal pages. Let me know if you have ideas for other content you would like to see!

For those who preach and plan worship, you might appreciate the monthly resource page I am creating that is available–in addition to the journal pages–for those who give $10/month. This resources page will provide links to resources for both the Revised Common and Narrative lectionaries. It will be a handy place to find all of the material on Spacious Faith related to the weeks’ texts, as well as links to some writing I appreciate from other internet sources. If you’d like to take a look at a sample resource page before signing up, just contact me.

Overall, I expect the blog will provide more consistent content and better resources for everyone in the coming year, whether you are a Patreon member or not. I’m really excited to create and offer more content for you through Spacious Faith and I appreciate all of you as readers.

Below you can see a sample journal page, just FYI. I pray many blessings for you, your life, and your ministry in the new year.


Sample Journal Page

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