Prayer for the First Sunday of Advent

Expecting Emmanuel contains a lot of worship material for those using the book as a basis for Advent worship. The funny thing is, the prayers in the book–a prayer of confession and offertory prayer–aren’t actually the types of prayers we regularly use in worship at Peace Mennonite. So even though I wrote the book, I find myself writing a new prayer for this Sunday. This prayer is based on the candle-lighting scripture, Isaiah 40: 27-31.

God of Advent waiting,
You do not grow tired or weary, but we do.
Your understanding is unfathomable, but ours is very limited.
So guide us with your wisdom
and revive us with your power.
We enter into this sacred season of Advent
resting within your wings.
Let us appreciate the light and the shadows of the season.
Renew our strength
and grant us your peace.


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