Call to Worship: John 18:28-19:16

Painting by Nikolai Ge, 1890. Public domain.

Here is the man!
Jesus, accused of being a criminal.
Jesus, who threatens the religious establishment.
Here is your King!
The ruler of a Kingdom that is not from this world.
The ruler who threatens the power of empire.
Here is the man!
Who witnesses to the truth.
Who gives no answer.
Here is your King!
Jesus, son of Mary.
Jesus, son of God.
Jesus, the One we have gathered to worship.

*Note: The intent is that the plain text is read by the leader, the italics by one side of the congregation and the bold by the other side. The last line is read by all.

*As always, you are welcome to use this liturgy in your own worship context. Attribution is appreciated.

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