Some Timely Links

thorngate album

Click here for more information on this new album. 

For this week:

I love this week’s Lectionary readings from 1 Samuel and wanted to share links to a couple of things I’ve written about Hannah:

I’m less fond of  this week’s Gospel reading, but I have also written about that:

For Advent:

First, I commend to you a new album and songbook from Steve Thorngate. These are mostly original songs, with a few traditional pieces thrown in. I like the sound; it’s simple and fresh with vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation. I should say, though, that I am no music critic. I am, however, a theology critic (highly critical of much theology, actually), and the biblical focus and theological integrity of these pieces is truly impressive.

In terms of Advent resources on this page, you can go to the “Worship Resource Index” and scroll down to “The Year” section. And/or check out my “Advent Emergency Edition” compilation from a few years ago.

Blessings to you as we head into the holy holiday season.

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