Morning Prayer (New and Improved!)

cropped-morning-1407488-1600x1200O.K. folks. I finally got tired of changing all the pronouns as we went through our morning prayer service every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I’m putting together new morning prayer liturgies. (Which may sound like a lot of work, but mostly I just plagiarize the Bible.)

You can find the liturgies on my new blog at That site also includes details about the morning prayer gatherings and a link to the virtual chapel (aka Zoom account) where we gather.

All are welcome to join our prayer group or use these prayers in your own context.

2 thoughts on “Morning Prayer (New and Improved!)

  1. Psalm 1 in the liturgy, line 5 “and on his law they meditate day and night.” How about on “this” law?

    • Mary, sorry for my belated reply. Thanks for the note. I’ve edited that. And I did the same thing on today’s post, which I have now edited as well.

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