Halloween Costume Help

grace cheetahI love October–cooler weather, changing leaves, apple cider . . . and, of course, Halloween. I’m actually not a big fan of the horror side of Halloween–I don’t watch scary movies or go to haunted houses–but I love the costumes. I’ve turned my kids into a princess and a dog, an alien and a cheetah, a which and a unicorn. We went to the craft store yesterday and bought the white felt, orange foam sheet, and giant googly eyes necessary to turn my youngest into a penguin. (I tried to get her to buy a foam head and be a two-headed monster, but she would not cooperate.)

The creativity—not to mention the candy—that surrounds Halloween can be a lot of fun. I know, though, that some Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween because of its connection to the occult. And some Christians try to find a middle ground by letting their kids wear only Bible-based costumes. So as a public service for those who want to have a Bible-based Halloween celebration, here are some costume ideas:

Cute Couple Costumes:

Samson and Delilah: She’s holding seven braids and a razor. He’s got a really bad haircut and empty eye sockets.

Jael and Sisera: She has a hammer. He has a tent peg through his head. (Perhaps an appropriate double-date with Samson and Delilah.)

John the Baptist and Salome: She has on a beautiful, skimpy dress. He has a platter around his neck and a black sheath covering his body.

Adam and Eve: Maybe not the best option since the pre-fall costume is illegal in most places and the post-fall fig leaf get-up is a bit over done.

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife: He should be “well built and handsome.” She should be in her nightgown holding his cloak.

Judah and Tamar: She should be veiled and pregnant, holding a staff. He should be significantly older and perhaps carrying a box of matches. (At an adults-only party you could throw in Onan for fun.)

David and Johnathan: I’m not sure how you would dress up like these two; I just think they are a cute couple.

For Inventive Individuals

Balaam’s Ass: Just wear the donkey costume and walk around saying, “Why did you beat me these three times?”

Absalom: You’ll need a long-haired wig, and somehow you have to get the hair to stand up straight and support a tree branch on top. Bonus points for three javelin’s sticking out of your heart.

Lot’s Wife: If you can pull off a costume that makes it look like you are turning into a pillar of salt, I want to see pictures!

The Lamb of Revelation: Seven horns, seven eyes, looks like it has been killed–again I want pictures.

Ezekiel: Just wear sackcloth and stick a scroll in your mouth. (Though I will not be wearing this costume as it would impede the eating of candy.)

Leviticus Prohibitions: There’s a lot to choose from. One option would be a tattooed menstruating lesbian eating shellfish. But don’t limit yourself here. Be creative.

This post originally appeared at RevGalBlogPals two years ago.

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