New Retreat Materials are Ready to Go!

I’ve had an intense and fun weekend getting the Fruit of the Spirit retreat books and materials put together. What I thought would be a one-hour editing/copying job yesterday turned into three hours. And the question is, when will I learn that those types of one-hour jobs always take three hours? It’s not like I’ve never done this before. Luckily, the guy at the copy shop likes to talk about our respective churches, so it’s at least a pleasant place to spend time.

I love my little binding machine and I’m pleased with how the books turned out!

There’s so much stuff in the “stuffed” books, it barely fits.

So the Fruit of the Spirit retreat materials are on their way to those who have ordered them! And if you haven’t ordered yet, never fear. I made up some extras–and I’m happy to make more. You can find more details on the retreat page and order from the retreat contact form.

I hope you all have a blessed Saturday.

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