Weekly Worship Piece: Mark 14:17-26

Here at Peace Mennonite we’re starting a series on the disciples that will take us through to Advent. This week’s disciple is Judas–who is fun to begin with, plus his story works well with communion Sunday.


Call to Worship

As Jesus requested,
the table has been prepared,
and all are welcome at the meal.
So come–each of you, all of you–come to the table:
Those, like Peter, with more enthusiasm than resolve–
Come to the table;
Those, like James and John, dismayed by Kingdom priorities–
Come to the table;
Those, like Mary, full of love and grief–
Come to the table;
Those, like Martha, struggling for faith in the face of despair–
Come to the table;
Those, like Judas, disillusioned and rebellious–
Come to the table.
Jesus offers the bread and the cup to all who have gathered,
So let us worship God with joy!

Prayer of Confession

Holy God,
Forgive our deceptions–of others and of ourselves.
Forgive our greed.
Forgive our lack of imagination.
Forgive our failure to trust you fully.

Assurance of Pardon

The bread is offered to each person at the table. The cup is given to all–for the forgiveness of sins. It is through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ that we now receive forgiveness. Amen.


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