Creativity Day 12 & 13 (20-21): Games!

The family was camping yesterday, so I had a lovely break from the computer. But Grace and I did not take a break from our 30 Days of Creativity! We decided to create a game. It’s called “The Rock Throwing Game.”

First, we made six rock circles (about 5″ in diameter) several feet apart from each other.

Then we each selected a “throwing rock” and took turns trying to throw our rocks into the rock circles.

Here are the basic rules:
–Stand at a designated spot and try to throw your rock into the first rock circle.
–If you do not make it, stand where your rock landed and try to throw it into the first circle again.
–Repeat until rock lands in circle.
–Stand by the first rock circle and try to throw the rock into the second circle.
–Continue through the circles, keeping track of how many throws you make. The person with the fewest throws wins.
–You get the idea . . . like mini golf, but with rocks and without those dangerous clubs.

And for today, we made a board game. I cut out squares of different colored construction paper, plus some special white squares with stars (indicating to draw a card) or directions (i.e. “move ahead 2 spaces”) on them. Grace decided the game would be about ducks trying to get to the pond, and she glued down all of the pieces inside a box. We made some activity cards like “Waddle like a duck” and “What would you name a pet duck?”. (There is also the questionable, “Say a word that rhymes with ‘duck.'”  I made that suggestion before I really thought it through. )

Grace named the game “Ducky Waddle” and we’ve already played it once. Pretty fun.

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