Something New: Monday Practice

As part of my Super Spectacular Sabbatical blog redesign, I hearby implement a series of Monday prayer practices. (Thanks for the nudge, Sandi!) Each Monday I will post a suggestion for a creative arts prayer practice–in the spirit of the activities that were part of our Lenten Retreat.

If the practice appeals to you, make it part of your prayer time during the week. (Of course, sometimes the practices that don’t appeal to us are the ones we most need to try . . . ) You can engage in the practice just as I describe it, or simply use my suggestions as a jumping off point–and jump as far as you can!

You are welcome to share your experiences with this community either by posting a comment on the blog, or by joining the conversation on our brand new Facebook page!

For my fellow bloggers out there, feel free to link to your own blog posts about creative spiritual practices. And if you have a practice to share with the community, contact me about writing a guest post.

Prayer stick

This is a prayer stick that four people made together for a mutual friend during the retreat.

Now, without further ado, our first Monday practice is a prayer stick. I was introduced to this practice at the women’s retreat last weekend in the most awesome prayer room I’ve ever experienced–designed by my friend Brenda Glanzer Liliston.

Creating a prayer stick is primarily a form of intercessory prayer. Choose a person that you feel called to pray for, and find a stick that somehow represents that person for you.

Once you have your stick, you will also need a few different colors of yarn or ribbon. Feathers, beads, and pendants are optional.

Choose one color of yarn or ribbon, tie one end onto your stick, and just start wrapping. As your hands wrap the stick, allow your mind and your spirit to lift up to God the person for whom you are praying. As the yarn covers the stick, so your prayers will blanket and support the one being prayed for.

Change the color of yarn as often as you like. Add feathers, beads, or other accessories if you want.

If possible, give the prayer stick to the person for whom you were praying. Let them know that your prayers will continue to surround them.

I found this a very meaningful way to focus my attention and pray for people. I would love to hear about your experiences.


One thought on “Something New: Monday Practice

  1. I was so touched by the one Carol created for me at the retreat. (see my blog for a picture). I’m anxious to make my own soon. A beautiful practice!

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