Lenten Retreat

This retreat material was developed using the Lenten scriptures from the Revised Common Lectionary, Year B.  The reflections, liturgies, and creative activities included in the retreat booklet could be used for personal or group worship and prayer at any time of the year.

The retreat books, on-line support, and art supplies are no longer available, but you can request a free PDF of the retreat materials by filling out the order form or using the contact form.

Holy Spaces

A creative arts Lenten retreat for 2012
based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary

This retreat is designed for you to experience on your own schedule, in your own space. It can be used by individuals or small groups.  You can read this blog post to learn more about why I created this retreat.

 Retreat Materials Include:

This is a representative sample of the retreat materials. Papers and collage supplies may vary. Expect happy surprises!

–Retreat booklet
–Recycled sketch paper pad
–Colored pencils (36)
–Pencil sharpener
–Foam brush
–Cardstock and patterned paper
–Collage materials: papers, ribbon, buttons . . .

Retreat booklet includes:

–Introduction to/instructions for the retreat
–10 sessions (one per week plus Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday), each of which includes:
–Brief worship liturgies for use by individuals, families, or small groups
–Creative prayer experiences
–Creative writing exercises
–1-2 page written reflection on scriptures and themes for the week


Support during the retreat includes:

–Weekly group e-mail to retreat participants with encouragement, reflections on the previous week, and helpful links for the upcoming week
–Private Facebook group for encouragement and sharing along the way

*Each set of retreat materials is mailed in a sturdy, reusable cardboard box. Packages will be mailed out on February 15, one week before Ash Wednesday.

Cost: $50 (U.S. shipping included; Kansas residents will pay sales tax)
Get all retreat materials except for the colored pencils, oil pastels, and pencil sharpener for $40.

Want to use this retreat material with a group? Purchase the full kit for $50 and then add $15 per extra participant. Your retreat package will include enough supplies for each participant.

For example, if you have a group of five people, the cost would be $110. You all would share the pencils, pastels, pencil sharpener, varnish, and brush. Each person would have their own booklet, sketchpad, and clay. There would be enough paper and collage supplies for 5 people.

Internet Only Option: $20 for individual use; $5 for each additional person in retreat group.
This option includes a PDF of the retreat booklet, weekly emails during the retreat, and inclusion in the Facebook group.

To order: Simply email me (Joanna) at jharader@gmail.com and let me know which version of the materials you would like.  I can send you a Paypal invoice or my mailing address if you prefer to send a good old fashioned check.

If you would like to participate and cost is prohibitive, please be in touch.

If you would like to see a sample session before ordering, simply email me with your request.

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  12. hi Joanna — how do I go about ordering this for myself as a resource? Can I buy the resources and adapt them to my setting (not even thinking this year, but perhaps next year?) I just love this idea!

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