Fun with Finger Labyrinths

I’ve been working on the materials for the Creative Arts Lenten Retreat today. In thinking about the holy space of wilderness, I was inspired to create a finger labyrinth.  You can find plenty of labyrinth images online to print out, though I found it strangely soothing to draw my own. (Mine is a classic 7-circut labyrinth.) Because I love texture, I traced my lines with Crystal Effects (a paper crafting product available from Stampin’ Up.)  I read that fabric paint also works well.  In a pinch, you could even use regular glue.

I am excited to journey through Lent this year with those who are joining me in the Lenten Retreat.  The preparations are nourishing my spirit, as I pray the retreat will nourish yours.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Finger Labyrinths

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  2. I used my mouse and traced your labyrinth, at each turn I said aloud a thank you for something God has provided. I am looking forward to this Lenten experiance. Thank you

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