RevGalBlogPals Friday 5: Counting my Blessings

It’s been awhile since I participated in this wonderful exercise.  Thanks to Sally for posting this one.

Blessings from 2011 (Yes, I know I have six for the Friday 5–that’s just the kind of rebel I am)

  1. A diagnosis—After years of struggles and frustrations, our 14-year-old son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. The diagnosis does not, of course, solve the problems. But it gives us a more firm place to stand while we work toward solutions.
  2. Writing—I write for my blog. I write for my congregation. This year I had the opportunity to write worship material for my denominational magazine. Writing is a deep spiritual practice for me, and a definite blessing.
  3. My husband—True, he’s not new this year. We’ve been married for 14 years. And each one is a blessing. He does the dishes and the laundry. He helps me parent. He makes me laugh. He’s my business partner, my best friend, and other things a pastor shouldn’t write on a public blog 🙂
  4. Free reading—I was a student for so many years. And I appreciate the great literature and informative books that my teachers directed me to read. Still, I want to do a happy dance every time I walk into the public library and know that I can pick ANYTHING.
  5. My kids—My children are blessings individually and a blessing collectively. It’s a joy to watch them grow. I’ll be honest, parenting is the hardest part of my life. And also the part that pulls me most fiercely away from the path of self-absorption to which I am so easily drawn.
  6. My job, and so much more–Many of you know that my ordination credentials were reviewed this year because of a same-sex wedding I officiated last year. The kindness of the Leadership Commission was a blessing. The support and faithfulness of my congregation is a blessing. The encouragement of so many people–those I know and those I don’t know–has been an incredible blessing. Hugs, gifts, kind words written and spoken . . . and hope. Much hope for the Church. I have received grace upon grace.

Hopes for 2012

  1. My kids—for their continued growth; for their joy; for them to know they are loved.
  2. My sabbatical—that I will learn much, enjoy much, and become a better pastor and a more faithful Christ-follower.
  3. My congregation—that they will grow in all the ways God wants them to grow. (Like maybe a bigger building!)
  4. My blog—I’m going to do some work on this during my sabbatical to make the worship material more easily accessible. I hope my words will deepen the worship experiences of many.
  5. My husband—Specifically, that I will have enough time with my husband in the midst of it all . . . with much thanks to those who have provided and will provide the child care that makes it possible.

2 thoughts on “RevGalBlogPals Friday 5: Counting my Blessings

  1. I came to church early this morning deeply unsatisfied with the prayer that I had planned to use with my congregation. I found the one above, the Prayer for New Year’s, and have massaged it into something that I think is appropriate for this particular context and these people and the scriptures we’ll sit with today. Thank you!

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