Wednesday Worship Piece: Advent Confession

We will be having a service of communion and anointing this Sunday–the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  Here is the prayer of confession I wrote for the service, primarily based on Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11. The assurance of pardon will be the hymn “O Jesus so Sweet,” sung by our choir.

Holy God,
Open our eyes to the presence of your Spirit
upon us, within us, among us.
For our apathy in the presence of oppression,
Forgive us.
If we have contributed to the brokenheartedness of anyone,
Forgive us.
For our participation in systems that enslave,
Forgive us.
When we are deaf to your good news,
Have mercy and open our ears.
When our mouths remain too tightly closed,
Loosen our lips with songs of praise.
Hear our prayer, O God, and forgive our sins.
Hold us in your mercy, now and forever. Amen.

(As always, you are welcome to use this prayer in your own worship context.)

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