Advent Meditation

We will be doing the Holden Evening Prayer Service tonight.  It is an Advent tradition in our congregation and one of the most meaningful holiday activities in which I participate each year.  Here are the scripture readings for tonight along with a brief meditation I wrote.

Isaiah 11:1-9

 Luke 1: 5-38

The Advent season is filled with stories of angels and visions and dreams. Peaceable kingdoms and winged visitors haunt the edges of our imaginations. These stories that we long to believe yet struggle to accept. These prophets and angels making promises in which we yearn to rest, yet cannot quite trust. The world we live in is far from peaceable. The messages we hear from God come in ways much more subtle than angelic visitors.

Still, we read the stories. And sing the songs. And light the candles. And receive the good news: Do not be afraid, for your prayers have been heard.


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