Wednesday Worship Words: Together in Worship

For those of you keeping track at home, I’ve been trying to post some liturgical pieces each Wednesday. Usually it’s something I’ve written that connects to the week’s lectionary text(s) (or not). But this week, instead of sharing one or two pieces, I want to share an entire web site:

Full disclosure: I recently joined the leadership team that oversees this site. Our goal is to provide free resources for Christian worship from an Anabaptist perspective. There is already a wealth of content on the site, and we are continually adding material. Everything you find there is free to use in your own worship setting.

There are different ways to find things on the site:

Search Box: If you type this week’s RCL Gospel reading (Matthew 17:1-9) into the search box, you’ll find this full worship service where Matthew’s Transfiguration story is a primary text.

Liturgical Season: There is a link on the home page appropriate for the season. Here are some Lent resources.

Type of Resource: While my focus here at SpaciousFaith is on words for worship, the Together in Worship site also contains music, video, and visual arts resources. These categories are listed on the home page in the top menu bar.

Other Filters: Once you are on the page for the type of resource you want, you can use the left sidebar to filter for a number of different categories: genre, topic, season, event, expression, language, audience, publisher, and collection. For example, if you go to the Music page and filter for “Call to Worship” and “General Social Justice” you will find this lovely song by Phil Cambell Enns.

Teaching Resources: This page of the site has links to group studies and other material about worship. One of the newest resources we have created is a video about visual arts in worship called A Creative God. Another notable teaching resource is information from Dr. Hilary Jerome Scarsella on how to respond when worship materials are implicated in abuse.

I hope that you find Together in Worship to be a helpful resource for you as you plan and lead worship. You can (of course) follow the page on Facebook and Instagram.

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