Worship Words: Parables of the Kingdom, Elijah and the Widow

We’re not using the Narrative Lectionary at Peace Mennonite right now, but I love this week’s reading on the parables of the Kingdom in Matthew 12:24-43. So I wrote a little something as a reflection on this passage. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what it is–not quite a prayer, certainly not long enough for a sermon. Maybe a call to worship. Or perhaps a benediction. Or just some words to spark your own words as you prepare for worship.

A Micro-Reflection on the Parables of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:24-43)

The reign of God is a farmer who sows seeds.
The reign of God is the seed the farmer has sown.
The reign of God is a treasure that is hidden.
The reign of God is a merchant who finds the treasure.
The reign of God is a miracle and a mystery,
Kneaded into our lives by the steady rhythm of God’s capable hands
So we might expand
And grow
And nourish the world.

We are using A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church (Year W) at Peace right now. This week I’m focusing on the story of Elijah and the widow from 1 Kings 17:8-16. I came across this call to worship I used a few years ago (for our COVID at-home worship) when this passage was part of the Narrative Lectionary.

Like Elijah, we rely on God for nourishment.
Like the widow, we trust in God to sustain us.
Like the unnamed son, we are held in love by the people of God.
Like so many throughout scripture and through the ages,
            We come to God in our hunger, in our despair, in our pain,
            Seeking provision, hope, and healing.
As we come to God in worship
We know God is already with us.


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