Opportunity for Support

Hello, Spacious Faith friends.

I have been providing content on this blog since 2010! Many of you have read my theological ramblings and my snarky denominational commentary; you have used my words for worship and in your own spiritual practices. I am deeply honored that my words have been part of your lives and I am so grateful for the many ways you all support me.

I am trying to be more faithful in maintaining the blog and adding new content . . . which takes time. I have switched to an ad-free plan . . . which costs money. And so I am doing something new: inviting you to consider supporting my writing work through Patreon.

The content on Spacious Faith will remain freely available for everyone. Those who join my Patreon at a level of $5/month or more will get access to some bonus material–details on the page.

If you have the means, I invite you to consider offering a bit of monetary support for the blog. Thanks again for the many ways you support me–and so many others–in so many ways.

I pray a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas to you all!

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