Apology for multiple posts and new plan

Hello, friends. A few subscribers have contacted me recently about the multiple emails coming from Spacious Faith the last few days.

First, thank you for subscribing. Please note that I cannot control the subscriptions on my end. You are able to adjust how often you receive post notifications and unsubscribe from a link on the emails you receive.

Second, so many posts are going up because the Rev Gals Blog Pals site is closing down soon and I am migrating my writings from that site over to Spacious Faith.

Finally, I have looked into it and I think the best way for me to move the content without inundating your email is to set my blog to “private” while publishing the posts. This means there may be a few chunks of time in the next few days when you cannot access the site.

I appreciate your understanding and patience as I try to figure this out.


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