Merry Christmas in July!

Christmas 2020

I know it’s a day late, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas-in-July. My gift to you is an updated blog site with NO ADS! (Those things are sooo annoying.) Enjoy!

While Christmas still seems a long ways away, Advent will be here before we know it! And it’s only six weeks until the launch of my Advent devotional, Expecting Emmanuel. I can’t wait wo share my words and Michelle Burkholder’s amazing artwork with you all. (Though, I guess I have to wait. That’s kind of the point of Advent.)

I’ll be sending out a newsletter to the book email list next week with some information about the book–including plans for an online Advent book group. You can sign up here to receive upcoming emails.

A few more updates from me:

  • I am currently writing the “Seeking Peace Together” worship materials for an upcoming issue of Current from Menno Media. The material I am writing will be available in 2023. There already some great resources available on “Seeking Justice Together” and “Seeking God Together” from other writers.
  • Sadly, the RevGal Blog Pals group is coming to an end and their web site will be closing. I plan to move all of my writings from there onto this blog, so look for more prayers and humor writing to show up here soon.
  • That’s my granddaughter in the picture with me (above). And our youngest daughter is headed off to college very soon. So I’m preparing for an empty nest and already scheming to turn our spare room into a craft studio/office. Feel free to comment below with decorating suggestions and tips! I’ll try to remember to post before and after pictures when it’s all done.
  • Finally, as part of my sabbatical I am exploring ways that churches combine online and in person worshiping communities. If you know of a church that does this well, please contact me and let me know how I can visit. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in July!

  1. From what I see on Facebook, from my friend Karen Robu, who is the associate pastor, Plymouth Congregational in Wichita has done a good job.

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