A Few Pieces for Christmas Eve

Opening Prayer

Holy One,
We gather in the darkness of this night
To remember the sacred story:
The baby that has been born,
The child that has been given.
We offer our deep gratitude.
We look ahead with anticipation.
We place our world, our communities, our loved ones, and ourselves
In your tender care.
For the desperate, we pray hope.
For the fearful, we pray peace.
For the heartbroken, we pray joy.
For all people, on this holy night, we pray love.
Let us know your powerful and intimate presence with us
As we celebrate the birth of your son, Jesus.

Litany of Gratitude
We give thanks for the light of hope—unrelenting and inexplicable.
Our hope in Christ shines on.
We give thanks for the light of peace—strong and unafraid.
The peace of Christ lights our way.
We give thanks for the light of joy—persistent and unpredictable.
The joy of Christ brightens our lives.
We give thanks for the light of love—flickering and holy.
The love of Christ comforts and challenges.
We give thanks for the light of Christ that we celebrate this day.
The light shines in the darkness.
And the darkness has not overcome it.

Christmas Eve Benediction

As you leave this time of worship,
May you carry with you the wonders of the sacred Christmas story:
The unconventional hospitality of the manger,
The painful joy of new birth,
The fearful awe of encountering angels,
The surprising presence of God in the swaddled Christ child.

Go now in the hope of God,
The peace of Christ,
And the joy of the Spirit.
Know that on this holy night and always,
The Divine Love goes with you.

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