Advent Blessing: Hope

I know how much hope you hold in your heart:
For yourself and for those you love.
For your neighbors and for our world.
Hope for health,
for peace,
for justice,
For a return to the glorious normal of our lives.

These hopes are good and holy
And also not the reality in which we live.
Not yet.
And maybe not ever—in this life.
So under all of the good you hope for,
I pray you are grounded in the Good you hope in.

May you feel the solid ground of God beneath your feet
And root your true hope
            Your healing hope,
            Your life-giving hope,
Not in what you think humans might be able to accomplish,
But in who you know your God to be:
All-powerful Creator,
All-loving incarnate One,
Ever-present Guide and Shelter.
This is our Advent hope.
May you know it.
Claim it.
Cling to it.

6 thoughts on “Advent Blessing: Hope

  1. Your words in “Advent Blessing: Hope” are beautiful and timely. Giving credit, I want to use this as a benediction on Sunday.

  2. love this Joanna. May I give credit & use this with my seniors?
    also, are you planning an ‘Advent Blessing’ for each week (peace/joy/love)?

    • Nancy, you are welcome to use this. I do have a blessing for each week. If the Friday publication date doesn’t work for what you would like to use it for, I’m happy to send them to you early.

      • If you would be willing to send earlier, would be VERY much appreciated. Having some issues with a surgically corrected wrist & between pt on that & time constraints of post office, our mailings need to go out on wednesdays. Realizing it’s a crazy busy time for all, if you can send early that’s a bonus; if not, it would be included in the monday mailing… continued blessings for your wonderful work,

      • No problem. You can either comment with your email address or use the “Contact Me” form on the blog to send a message and I’ll email you the PDF.

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