Advent Inspirations

IMG_6252Happy New Year, everyone! (Or maybe I should say “Happy Liturgical New Year!”)

This Advent season I plan to share some inspirations with you–things I have written and pieces from other people. Look for a little something new on the blog most days–an attempt to help keep us centered on Christ in the midst of the commercialized Christmas season.

Today’s inspiration is an invitation to join me and a few other folks for on-line morning prayers every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 Central Time. We connect via Zoom and prayers last about 20 minutes. You can find more information and a link here. You can also use the prayer liturgy posted on that site for your own personal or group prayer times. The scripture readings and meditation change each Tuesday and Thursday. The rest of the liturgy remains constant for the month.

Below is a prayer and benediction from the new December liturgy I just posted:

Holy One on whom we wait and who is already with us,
Let us know contentment in this season of anticipation,
Be our still center in the midst of our busyness,
Give us grace to hear your voice even as we know you hear our prayers this morning.

In this new day, may we breathe the Holy breath deeply and live Christ’s justice boldly.
In the long night to come, may we rest in God’s peace and protection.

A reminder: You can find worship pieces (calls to worship, candle-lighting, etc.) through the index. Material is listed by scripture reference and liturgical season.

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