Creative Prayer Experience: Ash Wednesday

collage materialsYou will need:

  • a piece of paper
  • glue or Modge Podge
  • foam brush
  • collage materials (magazines, pictures, patterned paper, etc.)
  • scissors
  • colored pencils

The Hebrew Scripture readings for Ash Wednesday have a lot of “heart” language. Joel tells us to rend our hearts and not our clothing. The psalmist writes: “teach me wisdom in my secret heart;” “create in me a clean heart, O God;” “the sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” If the imagery of the heart seems a bit trite right on the heels of Valentine’s Day, it is good to remember that the Hebrew term used for heart literally translates as “gut.” We’re talking here about the deepest place inside you.

In a sketch book or on a sheet of plain paper or card stock, create a collage that represents what is inside your heart–or your gut–right now.  In creating the collage, you can use pictures, words, and shapes. You can create your own images and/or use images from the collage materials you have. ModgePodge works well for creating collages, but you can also use regular glue.

On this Lenten journey, we seek to be in a holy space; a space where we are aware of our connection to God. Use a dark colored pencil to circle, shade, or otherwise indicate that stuff in your heart that keeps you from inhabiting holy space.  Use a light colored pencil or pastel to highlight the stuff that helps draw you into holy space.
Response suggestion: Choose one dark part of your heart to try to diminish this week and/or choose a light part of your heart to nurture.

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