Looking Toward Advent

IMG_2256Believe it or not, Advent begins in less than a month. I’ve been thinking about how I want to live into the holy season this year. I looked around for online retreats; while I found some that look lovely, none of them seemed quite right. So I thought, “I’ll write my own on-line devotions and retreat.” But that seemed like too much work.

And then I came up with the perfect solution: YOU can write my Advent retreat. Because I would love to spend this holy season with you. And I really need some motivation and accountability to focus on scripture and prayer in the weeks ahead.

I do hope you will join me in the journey–whether you want to help write it or just hang out and read it. All of the details are below:

Advent 2014: Healing and Hope

Yes, I took that line from the MC USA mission statement. While this project is open to writers and readers of any denomination, it is especially intended as a space for those associated with Mennonite Church USA to mourn, celebrate, and hope together. As we await the birth of the Christ Child, we pray and work for the birth of a new spirit of inclusion and justice in our denomination.

There will be two parts to the Advent materials: a public blog and a private Facebook group:

The Blog

Each week day during Advent there will be a written and/or visual or musical scripture reflection posted on the blog. I have chosen the scriptures primarily from the assigned Sunday Lectionary readings. Each Saturday I will post a prayer or suggested prayer activity. And Sundays you should go to church and stay off of the internet.

Each day (except Sundays) I will also share the name of an MC USA board or staff member for us to all hold in prayer.

The blog will be public and you are welcome to use it as a daily devotional or to simply dip in as you have time and interest. If you would like to contribute one or more posts for the Advent blog, please sign up here. (Sign up now, before all of the good scriptures are taken!:-)

The Facebook Group

I will create a secret Facebook group for those who desire an on-line retreat experience. In the group we will share prayer requests, discuss blog posts, and otherwise encourage each other toward healing and hope throughout the Advent season. Please let me know if you would like to be part of this group. (Facebook wants me to have members to add before it will let me set up the group.)

I’m excited about Advent already and I look forward to the reflections you will share!

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