Reflecting on Genesis 26

So I haven’t been posting on the blog much. I’ve been caring for people and planning for church conferences and driving to swim lessons and trying to buy a house. (I hope to have exciting news to share soon!)

Oh yeah, I’ve also been writing sermons. (Because, if you will recall, I have the best job ever.) Here is the conclusion from my sermon on Genesis 26 from June 2. The full text is on a sermon page.

– – – – – – –

Isaac’s situation here was fraught with the potential for violence. But his willingness to set aside what some would consider his right to the well, and his willingness to set aside the ill feelings he held toward the argumentative herders allowed him to move to a broad place.

That broad place is a place of peace. A place where “enough” is evident. A place where the dust doesn’t cling to our feet. It is a place Isaac found and a place to which God calls us. Amen.

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