Monday Prayer Practice: Art Journal

This morning I finished reading and praying through Jan Richardson’s retreat material for Women’s Christmas. I had my colored pencils and art journal ready as I read, and found myself sketching out this picture to accompany a favorite quote:

May you sink the roots of your soul
Deeper and deeper still into the love of God
Who encompasses and encircles you
Without beginning, without end.


The point, of course, is not to create beautiful artwork. (Though I do like how the tree leaves turned out.) The point, for me, is that the words somehow sink in more deeply as I illustrate them.

Creating art that incorporates or reflects meaningful quotes–from scripture or elsewhere, is the practice I commend to you today.

2 thoughts on “Monday Prayer Practice: Art Journal

  1. I was just telling a friend yesterday how much your “Colored Pencil Prayers” have deepened my prayer life. And yes, I also like how your tree leaves turned out!

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