Weekly Worship Piece: Peter on the Water

This call to worship is based on Matthew 14:25-33, the story of Peter walking to Jesus on the water. Such a beautiful story.

Holy Christ, Jesus of Nazareth,
Even now
after the sermons, the healings, the miraculous feeding
Even now
in the ghostly pre-dawn glow
Even now
as the wind riles the waves and this boat pitches violently
Even now
as the figure comes walking toward us, rising and and falling with the water
Even now
we don’t know what to think, what to say, how to act
Even now
we only know that somehow, even though we don’t understand you, we want to move toward you
Even now
we hope, we pray, that you will grab ahold of our outstretched hands.

*As always, you are welcome to use this liturgy in your own worship setting.

*Also, I hope to finish up the Fruit of the Spirit retreat materials within a the week!  Please do be in touch if you would like to order.


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