“Holy Uselessness”

In her book At Home in the World, Margaret Guenther encourages us to include times of “holy uselessness” in our Rule of Life.

As hard-working adults we too often lose the gift for letting go, for delight in simply being. We persuade ourselves that every moment must be lived productively; like the busy little bee, we feel a holy obligation to improve each shining hour.

So I’m headed off with my family for some days of holy uselessness. Swimming and hiking, eating and laughing, rides and shows and maybe even a little shopping.Nothing productive at all–except maybe cooking.

If all goes well, I will not touch a computer until next Friday. So don’t feel bad if you post a comment that doesn’t get approved right away. And try to make it through the week without a new prayer practice or worship piece 🙂 There’s plenty of old ones you can look at–just go to the categories menu.

Blessings to you–and may you find at least a few hours for holy uselessness in your life this week.

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