Scrap Exchange Card Challenge!

I’m in a creative mood these days thanks to 30 Days of Creativity. So I’d like to invite other creative types to join me in a scrap exchange card-making challenge.

Basically, you will send out card making materials to another crafty person. And you will receive card making materials from someone. And you will make a card.

Interested? Here are the details:

  1. Use the “contact” page on my blog (click the tab at the top right) to send me your name and mailing address (and blog address if you have one) by Monday, June 11.
  2. On Tuesday, June 12, I will send you the name and address of  your scrappy card partner.
  3. Gather up some card-making materials to send to your partner. Here are some general guidelines:
  • one card base
  • at least 2 pieces of patterned paper (magazine pages, wrapping paper . . . )
  • at least 2 pieces of colored card stock
  • some sort of embellishments
  • except for the card base, the paper you send should be scraps–don’t cut up a whole sheet of paper
  • embellishments should come from your stash–don’t buy anything
  • materials should be able to be mailed in a card-sized (A2) envelope with regular postage

Here’s something I might send:

  1. Mail the supplies to your partner by Monday, June 18.
  2. When you receive your supplies, make a card with them. You can use your own inks, glue, stamps, and punches, but use just the papers and embellishments sent by your partner. Try to finish your card by the end of June.
  3. Take a picture of the card you make and send it to your partner so they can see what you made from their supplies! (If you have a blog, you can post the picture on the blog and send your partner a link.)
  4. Mail/give the card to someone who will appreciate it.

Questions? Ask them in the comments below. Want to play? Contact me!

*Please know that I will only share your name and address with your assigned partner and you will not be put on any mailing list. I promise to delete your contact info after this project, and my memory for numbers is astonishingly horrible (I don’t even know my own cell phone number) so I will definitely not remember your address.

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