Wednesday Worship Pieces: Trinity Sunday

You can find some additional worship pieces for Trinity Sunday on the Index page. And don’t miss the sermon in which I explain the Trinity in 1700 words or less.

Here are today’s offerings:

Communion Prayer

Creator God, we give you thanks for the grain farmers, the bread bakers, the grape growers, the juice makers.
Redeemer God, we give you thanks for all that we remember as we have shared this meal: your birth, your life, your death and resurrection.
Sustaining God, we give you thanks for the eternal presence of your Spirit with us, surrounding us and filling us with Divine life.
May this meal we have shared renew us and inspire us to join more joyfully with you as you work for peace and justice in the world. Amen.

Benediction (Taken from the closing of my sermon on Revelation 13.)

May the love of our Creator, the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, dwell deeply and eternally within you. Amen.


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