Creative Prayer Practice: Scripture Repetition

Happy Monday, everyone!  This afternoon I am headed to Atlanta for the Festival of Homiletics, which means that I won’t be posting much this week–except for the pre-scheduled worship piece on Wednesday.  But I should come back with lots of things to share. So stay tuned!

scripture, bookmark, card stock, prayer, inkThis week’s prayer practice is a simple repetition of scripture.  First, choose a brief scripture passage that speaks to you. Maybe it is a long-time favorite. Maybe it is a sentence or phrase from this week’s (or last week’s) readings for church. I chose Isaiah 41:10, which was read at the funeral I officiated yesterday: “Do not fear, for I am with you.”

Second, choose your paper.  I chose a slip of card stock that could be used as a bookmark (2″ x 7″). You could simply use a piece of notebook paper, a journal page, a business card sized paper . . . anything, really.

Third, choose your colors. I love color, so I chose four coordinating markers. If you just want to use black ink, or even pencil, that’s fine too.

Now write. Write the scripture passage slowly and prayerfully. As your hand forms the letters, let the Word of God sink into your spirit. Repeat the passage over and over until your paper is full. Then offer a prayer of thanks for the sustaining power of scripture.

If you would like, you can decorate your paper with more color, doodles, etc. I used a sponge to put coordinating ink colors on the paper. Then I glued a piece of patterned paper to the back for added strength, punched a hole at the top, and finished it off with a piece of ribbon.

I had fun making the bookmark, but the point of the practice is the repetition of scripture–the movement of the hand to form the words and the attention of the mind on God who speaks to us in intimate and surprising ways.

Keep listening,

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