Not a Victim

Based on some of the responses to the story I posted yesterday, I want to make a clarifying note here before I get on with my Saturday morning.

I do not feel shamed.  And I am not a victim.

I did what I did of my own free will, understanding the potential consequences. While many people are hurt, frustrated, and frightened by my action and the Leadership Commission’s response, no one has been personally hateful toward me. (At least not that I know about.)

If I were to discover that everyone woke up this morning agreeing with me, that would be lovely. Assuming that hasn’t happened (and will not happen in the future), I look forward to a respectful dialog. I look forward to serving a hurting world in the name of Christ along side brothers and sisters who may or may not agree with every aspect of my biblical interpretation.

And now that I have shared my story, I would love to hear yours!


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