This Week’s Worship Piece: A Prayer Practice

I did not write any liturgical pieces for my congregation this week–sometimes it’s nice to use the words of others. So rather than provide you with words for corporate worship today, I am sharing with you a spiritual practice that I appreciate called praying in color. Sybil Macbeth made this prayer form popular with her book, Praying in Color. You can get a general idea of the practice, read reflections, and see sample prayers at the Praying in Color blog.

This is a prayer form I enjoy when I feel overwhelmed with words, when I don’t have the mental energy to string a subject and verb into a coherent sentence.

One time I handed out paper and crayons during Sunday morning worship and gave everyone some time to do their own praying in color. While this style of prayer does not resonate with everyone, most people enjoyed it–and a few had a hard time putting the crayons away when the activity came to an end. One person admitted after worship that she did not really want to do the activity, but once she tried it she found it very meaningful.

So whether you consider yourself artistic or not, I encourage you to try this somewhat unconventional method of connecting with God through prayer.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Worship Piece: A Prayer Practice

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