Wednesday Worship Piece: Evening Prayer

Today’s worship piece was not written for the context of corporate worship.  Rather it is a prayer I wrote for myself at then end of what has been two long days of pastor work and parenting work and simply trying to do what needs done.

Earlier today I read through the sermon that one of our congregation members, Joe Casad, preached this past Sunday. One line of the sermon really resonated for me: “This thing [following  Jesus] was never about engineering outcomes.  It is about staying on the path.”

Some aspects of my life feel pretty overwhelming right now.  I am deeply aware of how little control I have over outcomes. And so I find great comfort in this thought: “Just try to stay on the path.”

Staying on the path of Christ is all I need seek for each day God grants to me.  So here is my prayer on this beautiful night.

Holy and Eternal God,
As my corner of this world spins into darkness,
accept the ordinary efforts of this day
as a hymn of praise to you:
I awoke by your grace.
I moved, fed, and rested my body–hopefully in healthy ways.
I thought about things–profound and mundane.
I listened and I spoke–mostly with kindness.
My heart broke–just a bit.
My spirit soared–or at least fluttered.
I was blessed by the love of others–and I pray they were blessed by my love.
This day has been a gift from you, and I give you thanks.
I did a lot of things today that don’t seem too important, but still seem good.
I did a few things today that I fear were not within the goodness of your will.
I did not finish everything I hoped to do today.
Yet I end this day with the promise of tomorrow.
A tomorrow graced again
with laughter and tears
accomplishments and failures
beauty and frustration
and always
And so
may I rest tonight in peace.

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